Air wick Complete Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Spring Delight

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Air Wick Pure Freshmatic Max Auto Sprays release bursts of continuous fresh fragrance so your home always smells welcoming. Just set the air freshener to your preferred fragrance intensity setting and enjoy while the Spring Delight refill fragrances your home. With its improved formula with no added water, Air Wick Pure neutralises odours with no water fall down and diffuses a fresh a pleasant fragrance in your home.

Odour Stop Technology

Automatic Spray

Device, Refill & Battery Included

Freshmatic refill for Air Wick auto spray gadgets

Bursts of fragrance to constantly freshen your home with 24/7 odour stop technology

Up to 70 days of continuous fragrance per refill at a minimum setting

No wet spray so you can enjoy more fragrance in the air and less on the floor

Available in other fragrances

Pure Spring Delight

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