California Scents Laguna Breeze Airfeshner

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This is a car Air-freshener and is an organic Air freshener that lasts for as long as 90 days. Organic Spillproof Air Freshener Laguna Breese Scent is a unique long lasting Air freshener made of fiber materials Saturated with high quality scented oil. It is highly concentrated with extra strong scent made from a mix of fruits and flower.
It is a  wonderful fragrant, it sends out exquisite and mellow air, its fragrance brings happiness, sharpening up your mind. This product will keep your car, home or office smelling clean and super fresh. It will also draws a lot of positive comments so be ready to refer others to the satisfaction of using this great fragrance. It is also long lasting and the sillage can last well over 90 days

Organic Spillproof Air Freshener.

Comes in a Variety of fragrances.

Works for months!

Easy to use

Great for cars, closets, drawers, cupboards, cars, and more!


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