Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner 5% (Gallon / 3.78 L)

83,100.00 85,000.00 inc VAT

The Essential Values Peroxide Cleaner is the perfect solution for your everyday cleaning needs! It is cost-effective and with its extra strength concentration, you won’t need to worry about a dirty environment. It is an excellent cleaner for both residential and commercial environments!

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  • HYDROGEN PEROXIDE GALLON VALUE PACK: Our Peroxide Cleaner (Gallon/128 FL OZ) is a cost effective cleaner for your everday cleaning needs. Extra concentrated to 5% it is both eco friendly and tough on stains, making it perfect for residential & commercial environments!
  • ALL-IN-ONE UNIVERSAL CLEANER: No job is too tough for our peroxide cleaner! Deep clean restrooms, kitchens, mirrors, floors, & other surfaces easily & efficiently. Contains 5% of active hydrogen peroxide, the perfect ratio for effectively removing greasy soils, dirt, and brightening grout lines and floors!
  • EXTRA CONCENTRATED – DILUTION REQUIRED: Just use 4 fl OZ per gallon of water! Fast acting and powerful at cleaning. Fresh citrus scent and great for use with mops, sprays, spray mops and more.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Help maintain good hygiene with our peroxide disinfectant solution. Safe to use for daily cleaning on any surfance. No harsh chemicals or odors. DOT approved for transportation!


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