Hypo Bleach Sachets

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Hypo bleach is specially formulated to give deep cleaning and remove stubborn stains from fabrics. It keeps the household items sparkling clean as it removes tough stains from kitchen sink, toilet hand wash sink and white coloured clothes. It can also be used as disinfectants as it kills germs fast thereby preventing you and your family against diseases. The bleach can also be used to mop the floor for removal of tough stains leaving it with sparkling clean look.Hypo Bleach is easy to use by just pouring a few drops into a bucket of water, soak white clothes for a period of time, add powder detergent, then wash gently to get best result without any damage to clothes. For mopping floors or washing of your kitchen sink just pour the right quantity into water and use to wash the items. Hypo bleach has sodium hypochlorite as the active ingredient. Having this 75ml bleach will definitely remove the toughest stains from your white fabrics leaving them stain free with fresh fragrance


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