Maxforce Fly Spot Bait 1lb

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Imidacloprid, 1-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl) methyl]-N nitro-2 imidazolidinimine – 10.0%

Z-9-Tricosene – 0.1%

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Maxforce Fly Spot Bait provides an unobtrusive way to control house flies both indoors and outdoors, including non-food areas of commercial food-handling establishments and animal facilities. Powerful attractants combine with the active ingredient imidacloprid, which kills flies in 60 seconds or less. This product provides immediate results with a long residual.

Key Benefits.

Easy application, long-lasting control

  • Immediate results
  • Long residual
    • Up to 6 weeks indoors
    • Up to 30 days outdoors
  • Treat less surface area compared to contact killing sprays
  • Sprayable formulation
  • Low odor

Use & C0ntrol

  • House Flies

Where To Apply

  • In and around agricultural livestock production facilities, including: poultry houses, turkey and chicken houses, cattle, sheep and goat facilities, feedlots, dairy barns, swine confinement buildings, dog kennels, and horse
  • Around the outside of commercial and residential structures, or partly enclosed or protected areas
  • In non-food/feed areas of commercial

How To Apply

  • Mix in water and spray or paint on surfaces


  • Use 16 oz of product in 1 gallon of finished spray to treat surfaces where listed flies may rest in buildings with 2,000 sq ft of floor space.


  • Re-apply as needed, but not before 7 days.

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