P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen

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Precisely-Engineered with Your Hygiene in Mind

Each one of these urinal mats is designed to be as hygienic as possible, keeping your men’s room fresh and clean. They have slanted bristles which diffuse urine streams and prevent droplets from splashing back out of the urinal bowl. This helps keep the floor around the urinal – as well as the user’s trousers – completely free of splashes.

Compatible with Almost Any Urinal

These screens are equally effective in almost any kind of urinal system. They can be used in both flushing and waterless urinals to keep your washroom clean and safe.

Strong, Long-Lasting Fragrance

Every mat is strongly fragranced and will reduce the build-up of stale odours in your washroom. The powerful perfume keeps the room smelling fresh, while the beneficial bacteria inside each screen drop into the urinal drain and break down odour-causing bacteria.

Eco-Friendly, 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable

The Slant6 urinal screens are 100% recyclable, containing small amounts of plastic and VOCs. Keep your men’s room fresh without harming the planet – these screens are an essential part of any eco-friendly business.

Easy to Install

You can install these screens either way up, so fitting and replacing them is a breeze. Just drop one over the urinal drain and you’re done.


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