Pumice Stone

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QUICK, VERSATILE: Pumice stone for toilet clean calcium sediment, limescale, and hard water rings on toilets, sinks, bathroom tiles, and other ceramic surfaces. It can also be used to Remove rust and Oil stains from grills and ovens.
MATERIAL, PRINCIPLE: Pumice stone toilet bowl clean brush is made with pumice. Stubborn stains can be quickly removed by rubbing, and iron while not creating any scratches.
TOUGH: It’s more than 34% more dense than similar products to last longer and clean better.
CONVENNIENT AND EFFECTIVE: Size is just right to hold, and can be easily used to clean stains and hard water rings from toilets. It can also be polished to make it appear sharper so it can clean narrow corners that other cleaning products cannot reach.

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  • Pumice can polish toilet bowls.
    Its tiny particles can remove hard water rings.
    It gradually wears down during use.
    Three pumice stones will quickly refresh your toilet within a few minutes.
    It is much cheaper than buying a new toilet.

    Pumice Stone Toilet Cleaning Tips:
    – Start by moistening it for 10 seconds.
    – Test it on a small area to determine its scratch resistance.
    – keep the stone and toilet surface wet at all times.
    – Afterwards, you can gently rub it on tough stains.
    – Circular motions are more effective than vertical or horizontal ones.

    Rectangular design, Multifaceted cleaning, 2-pack of pumice cleans more effectively:
    2-pack of pumice stones can be used in places with different shapes and sizes.
    We hope that you enjoy having more new opportunities to use this product.

    6 New Ways to Use a Pumice Stone:
    1. Hard water stains, toilet rings, rust, and mineral build-up on porcelain toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and tiles
    2. White calcium deposits in swimming pools
    3. Grease deposits and baked-on spills on most oven racks, cooktop grates, iron cookware, oven interiors (smooth porcelain, not self-cleaning finish)
    4. Pet hair from upholstered furniture and car upholstery
    5. Rust and paint on workshop and garden tools
    6. Graffiti and stains on concrete and masonry


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