Taurus SC Insecticide

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Taurus SC is a professional-grade termiticide with the active ingredient Fipronil and is used to control termites and various other insects around structures. It can be used as a perimeter spray or trench treatment to prevent termites and other insects.

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Taurus SC, manufactured by Control Solutions Inc., is a termiticide/insecticide used to control and prevent termites and other insect pests around structures. This product contains 9.1% Fipronil as its active ingredient, which provides effective results through the active’s unique systemic transfer effect.

As a non-repellent insecticide, pests like termites, ants, cockroaches, and other labelled insects will unknowingly come into contact with the insecticide and spread it to others in the nest through contact or food sharing for total colony elimination.

Taurus SC is used for exterior perimeter and localized interior application. It can be mixed as a trenching solution, a spray solution, or a foaming agent to kill targeted insects like termites in wood, walls, slabs, and foundations. It is ideal to use before construction or after construction to eliminate termites. Taurus SC is comparable to Termidor SC, but at a lower cost, so we highly recommend it if you want an affordable way to get rid of termites from your property

Active Ingredient

Fipronil 9.1%


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