Pyrid Insecticide Aerosol 18oz

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This aerosol insecticide is an effective product that will help flush pests out of cracks and crevices or knockdown active pests immediately. Most active infestations cannot be controlled through the use of one product. Typically, you will also need to use Pyrid Insecticide Aerosol with residual insecticides and bait or dust in order to get complete control.

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Pyrid Insecticide Aerosol, manufactured by Solutions Pest and Lawn, is a ready-to-use spray insecticide that begins killing insects like ants, fruit flies, flies, or spiders on contact. This ready to use insecticide aerosol contains the natural ingredient 0.5% pyrethrins, and 4% PBO (pipronyl butoxide) a synergist, making it safer than most other pesticide aerosol chemicals.

This insecticide is a synthetic pyrethroid that works by interfering with the labeled insects’ central nervous system, resulting in an immediate knockdown and killing of the pest within minutes. The PBO in Pyrid is a powerful synergist that increases the efficacy of the insecticide for an easy to use and practical space and flushing spray.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use to eliminate pests such as bed bugs, roaches, and spiders. With an included applicator straw, Pyrid Aerosol insecticide makes reaching pests in cracks and crevices easy. This spray not only works for control over pests like ants, but this ant and roach spray also kills other pests like wasps from a safe distance of approxiametely 18″.

Pyrid Insecticide Aerosol provides two application methods of pest control by flushing hard to reach pests in out of reach areas or as a direct spray contact to quickly knockdown potentially harmful pests like fruit flies in and around your home. Safe enough to use in food prepping areas and strong enough to kill on contact, Pyrid Aerosol is the best aerosol product for the best price.

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